Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cute Printable Valentine Cards for Kids

Kids Valentine's Cards (Set of 8 Designs) DIY PRINTABLE

DIY Girls Dress up Closet

DIY Girls Dress up Closet

My 3yr old daughter has been very big into dress up and with Halloween, her Birthday and Christmas all so close together, there has been so many dress up pieces constantly scattered all over our home. I took to internet to look up ideas on how to "try" and keep everything tidy.

My husband made measurements, went to Home Depot and priced everything out. It was then that the idea came to us to use the top portion of our TV Armour that was just sitting in the basement collecting dust. 

He took the doors and door tracks off, installed shelves, sanded, filled the holes on the back, primed and painted  and the final touch was to put a decorative shelf liner on the inside covering the back (it matches the inside of her dresser drawers). The beauty of this TV Armour was that it already had a hanging wardrobe bar inside, it just had to be shortened in length and re-installed.

Couldn't be any more thrilled with how this DIY Dress Up Closet turned out!! 

A Dress up closet fit for a Princess:)