Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wooden Bathtub Cake

~ Welcome Baby Reid Baby Shower Cake ~

A special thank you to Andrea's Sweet Cakers for the inspiration! I’m in complete awe of her cakes so I just had to try one and this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

The top tier is chocolate fudge cake, crumb coated in chocolate buttercream. The bottom tier is vanilla flavored cake, covered in vanilla buttercream.

All accents are sculpted in fondant. The heart on Baby Reid's name is a special nod to the day he was born, Valentine's Day.

Super Hero Squad Birthday Cake

~ SuperHero Squad Birthday Cake ~

Matthew's 4th birthday cake was WAY oversized considering we had just family over for his party but for me it was all about looks and presentation, hence why part was real cake and part was fake.

The Superhero Squad building is Styrofoam cake dummies covered in fondant and the bottom blue layer is chocolate cake crumb coated in chocolate buttercream.